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The maidh kshatriyas in and around Chennai constituted this society to promote harmony and brother-hood and also to promote unity among the maidh kshatriya families. Today, it has grown to represent not only the maidh kshatriyas in Chennai but also those in pondicherry and kerala.

The eventual goal of the Samaj is to study and resolve social needs of youths and to promote Maidh Kshatriya Swarnkars heritage and culture for future generations. We also work in the direction that it would also support the elderly in the community by tending to their needs. Lastly, our goal is to provide a forum for discussion and support among peers.

We invite all Maidh Kshatriya Swarnkars to join our association of selfless interest and zeal of achieving knowledge of era of Hindu heritage. I hope this website will be a useful source of the information for all Maidh Kshatriya Swarnkars for the activities of the Brahmin Samaj.

Jai Shree Ajmeedji


• Information about the society.
• Updates on recent events.
• Announcements by Society.
• Samaj Members Interaction.
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